A guide to sobriety, I have looked this advice up too many times the past year. Most times after puking my guts out the morning after two bottles of wine and a few beers.  I’ve asked myself when I got to this point and it is no question as to why or how. I am the perfect statistic of childhood trauma rippling into poor relationships and choices into adulthood. I do not necessarily believe I need “rehab” or an intervention however I do believe there is some recovery and self-insight I need to find.


Am I ready to give up alcohol for good?

At this point, no, I just need to learn how to have better coping mechanisms.

Am I ready to stop binging/purging?

Yes, however my self control becomes weaker with alcohol.


My goal with this blog is not to be shamed or to be told I need to find god and that crap. I am actually very comfortable with my beliefs. And truth be told I am pretty damn smart. I have always done what I needed to survive. I am not sure where this blog will be headed.  I want to show my journey as well into further finding myself while freely expressing my opinions. Well, cheers to the next step on being a millennial. Maybe I should go try some avocado on toast next.


Warning: I am definitely that person who professional bloggers probably look down on with the whole cliche titles and averageness.