Its My Friday!

I woke up very off this morning and a tad bit emotional but physically feeling pretty well. I cannot wait till daylight savings time so its lighter earlier. I do get uneasy being out alone in the dark. I do not like the dark in general actually....but enjoy night time in some contradictory way. Normally… Continue reading Its My Friday!


I am Here….

I started the day by oversleeping. What do I write about when life is good? It is stressful, but good. I am very boring to myself. Right now my life is work, school, and trying my best to make time for my family. Even though school just started last week, I haven't seen my daughter… Continue reading I am Here….

Proud to be a Carrier

Note to self, never leave bacon in the work fridge for breakfast the next will not be there when you are ready for rude.  I woke up feeling okay but would have preferred NOT to come to work. It is rainy and gloomy, the perfect studying weather. I wanted to curl up with… Continue reading Proud to be a Carrier

Effin Mondays

I am alive and well peeps, I wouldn't intentionally miss a post. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely great but than I got to work and it was a total shit show. I ran around ragged all day at work dealing with management who cant manage for shit...corporate bullshit. I survived the day and… Continue reading Effin Mondays

Hello New Week

"Sometimes you need that cigarette one more time to realize how much you hate it." I had a vivid dream about my brother. He was the brother I lived with for a few years in high school when I moved down here. The dream took place in an unknown apartment that I lived in with… Continue reading Hello New Week

Small but I’m Happy

First week of school coming to a close and let me tell was rough a rough week. I am finally getting caught back up to where I wanted to be academic wise (another words ahead). I admit for a while there I had the whole "its the end of the world" type thoughts running… Continue reading Small but I’m Happy

Gotta Keep on Fighting

I love hard and intensely. When I feel my heart is threatened I build up walls to avoid the pain that has always come from feeling anything at all. I am afraid of being left behind but prepare for it by pushing away so I never have to worry about it happening. Oh Life, How… Continue reading Gotta Keep on Fighting