Its a sad Sunday morning when there is no coffee. I have bacon cooking and green tea setting. The boys have all eaten breakfast and are running around. I am sitting here in my robe looking out the balcony and hoping for the best these next few days. I was up past midnight last night playing board games. The five of us played a Mario card game first and than Clank. I lost at both, that’s okay, I never win at anything. I did really well on the eating. There was a lot of junk food but I stuck with the veggie tray, some meat and cheese, and olives. I tried Pork Rinds for the first time and those were pretty good too and satisfied the salty crunch I craved when there were chips around. So, I ate processed foods, but nothing that would strike my blood sugar or make me go in a full on binge frenzy. I do need to up the water intake today however since half of what I ate had a good amount of sodium in them. I also am in love with the Dasani Sparkling Waters and had quite a few last night. I love the Lime one and decided it tasted like non-alcoholic gin, and gin n’ tonic is one of my favorite drinks of all time. My daughters mom however said that what I tasted was lime. All in all, a fun solid night that left no guilt.

I am still waiting for the college to receive my transcript. I should have just over-nighted the damn request since the post office really sucks with mail around the central state. Actually other than small towns only Fargo and Grand Forks really have their shit in order at the moment. I will try not to think about what I should have done and just hope the college receives it tomorrow otherwise I will just get myself worked up over something I have no control over now. Its okay, its not like school starts in a week anyways. Ugh!

I really do not have much to say today. I am trying my best to keep myself stable while my mind is going nuts. With that note I will probably eat breakfast and take Bailey for a walk. Its going to be another scorcher today so I cant even enjoy any fresh air and that normally helps cool my senses. I feel a hard depression coming on if I cant calm down.