For the first time in my life I feel I have what I need to succeed. I never did think I would get this far, and it really isn’t that far in the grand scheme of life. I’ve had to take a lot of steps backwards. Yesterday was very busy. I had orientation in the morning, which there was really no point on me going since I am already in the school system from the last time I went to school but I guess I was able to find another transferable science class that is online. I thought 9 credits was full time but i guess its 12 so I am full time now since I signed up for the science. Now I will get the full amount of financial aid. Something is wrong with my car so that will be nice to get fixed and than hopefully I have enough over that I can put some towards rent every month so there’s less stress with bills. I bought a desk at Walmart yesterday. It’s not anything extravagant but its on the cheaper end of what I was looking for so I am happy with it. I was up till 2 this morning putting it together. Putting furniture together is relaxing to me. I feel I am about to the point that I can focus on my eating habits. A lot of my binging habits I’ve noticed come from boredom. Having school to focus on I am hoping will help this. Maybe focusing on studying will keep me from feeling the off balance sense I have from nature. It sounds stupid but I get weird senses I can’t explain a lot. Whether or not the media has anything that feeds this I cannot say. The sun and moon look scary on a daily basis these days. The smoke and spraying make them red and they fade out long before they should. The skies are white today even though there is no cloud cover. I do not have much to say today. I am still waiting for my sausage to cook and coffee to brew. I need to balance my checkbook (scary) and figure out where I am at financially. I spent three hours at Walmart yesterday and still managed to forget Baileys food so I get to go back today for that. I’m going to try and down as much water as I can today to make up for all the junk I’ve eaten this past week. There really shouldn’t be too much stress going on from here on life wise. Just the normal school and work stuff. Well, I have a busy day of organizing and cleaning up my mess from last night so I hope everyone has a good Saturday.

P.S. to the nice lady who sent me the book “THe Light Between Us,” I have managed to read a few pages and it is very interesting. I have just had a lot going on so have not had time to sit down and read it. I do plan to get further into it this weekend. Thankyou 🙂