Well, the first day of school did not start the way I planned although I feel I am almost on track. Sunday was a really good day till Bailey decided to split open his toe nail so I had to sit at the vets office for a couple hours till the vet could pull his nail out and bandage him up. Yesterday morning I was barely able to get out of bed since my back was spasming. This is a permanent condition from the post office. It hasn’t happened yet since leaving but I suppose I have been due for a flare up. So I started the week by missing work and spending time at the doctor myself. I am at work today but feel like shit. My pants are tight on me and I just want to go home. I really do not feel like seeing my work partner today, none the less dealing with her. My bank is overdrawn by 56 cents and knowing how shitty Town and Country are they will most likely charge me an overdraft fee but I will try to get there right when they open. They are the worst bank next to Wells Fargo. I feel disgusting today. I want to go back to bed. I feel like just another birthmother. My mind cannot think straight. I want this day to be over.