Who Am I?

I feel as though I am stuck in the middle of two versions of myself. The first is the victim whos every move was a ripple effect of trauma and survival. The second is a future survivor who has beat all odds to become someone great. I feel as if I am in some sort… Continue reading Who Am I?


I Will be GOOD to myself.

I am not sure what to say about myself these days, my past is the only interesting part about me. If my past is taken out of the picture than I am honestly very boring.  Today was a decent day. My finger is still bleeding a little bit, not much anymore so that is good...only… Continue reading I Will be GOOD to myself.

Not Sure Where To Go

Life is a game of pain and fighting to survive. I do feel very alone these days. With every fake smile I get more exhausted. I suppose I do deserve to feel the way that I do. I really am just a shitty shitty person. I am very selfish, I know. I still have a… Continue reading Not Sure Where To Go

Long EFFIN Day

A long ass day is all I can say. I worked over 10 hours today, which is good. I haven't been getting a full forty hours lately because I dread being around my partner, but in the new building I will be learning Receiving on top of my Shipping so I am excited, there is… Continue reading Long EFFIN Day

Where do I go?

Everyone needs to have meaning in their lives in order to live, otherwise everyday has only the goal of survival. For some people this meaning is to save others by becoming a doctor, or to spread knowledge to children by becoming teachers, for some it is being a mom and raising a child who can… Continue reading Where do I go?