Well, today was a fairly decent day. When I bought my new computer a few days back the time/date wasn’t set right according to my region so I ended up having to set it manually, except I didn’t set the date correctly so I have actually been running a day ahead for the past few days. I caught my mistake this morning and pretty much fell off my chair. I am happy I was not running a day behind but also was able to enjoy my Sunday because I had everything done a day early.

I am getting a full schedule set up for school and life. I have enough going on inside my head I do not need to keep more information in there than need be. I know part of the stress I have is from keeping track of everything inside my head and making sure I don’t forget anything, so I found a great planner to put everything in that is connected to my phone and computer. So if stress causes Escarlete to come out, than I’ll kick that bitch aside by taking away stressors. I can beat Escarlete at her own games. Also, one of these days I will be telling the story behind why I named the bitch side of me Escarleteā€¦.as one can assume I knew a bitch named her haha, but still, a decent postal story.


I did not realize how many greens I bought till I had them all on my counter.

I think this week sometime I will take a video of my apartment for my readers. I actually am very proud of my taste in style. It is very comforting to me, but it will also give everyone more of an in-depth sense of me. The boys love being in videos also, I think they secretly want to be famous.

Something Funny

When I was taking a test last night Mr.Cooper shut off my power strip to everything. I freaked out bad and kicked him out of the office, luckily it didn’t kick me out permanently from my test but about three questions didn’t count, I still passed enough, but my grade dropped to a B. From here on all animals are NOT allowed in the office while I am testing.

Well, this was an easy blog. Today was an easy day however. Escarlete tried to play but she didn’t succeed. I have so many veggies left to chop and some chicken breasts cooking for my salad tomorrow. I am wide awake as I slept in this morning, bad idea. Well, I hope everyone has a great night and be good to yourself. I will be.