Enough with the silly stuff now, lets talk serious. “The 100″….seriously the best show I have seen in awhile and its really depriving me of sleep lately. Every night I plan on going to bed at a decent time and every night this show has an OMG ending that I need to start the next episode. So tonight, BED EARLY!

What I Am Doing for Myself

Well, I went to the chiropractor today and honestly feel the best physically than I have in a very long time. I am looking forward to my hypnotherapy appointment tomorrow. Coffee is definitely one of my best friends today. I will go to bed at a decent time tonight. I plan on taking Bailey to the park, after all, he has not seen his friends in awhile. Then maybe I will go on a walk with my daughter, evening is up in the air, but exercise is good! Also because exercise is good and my body feels great I joined the gym yesterday at Anytime Fitness, so there is no excuse I can make such as “I hurt too much,” or “I don’t have time” because its LITERALLY open to me anytime. I plan on signing up for the tanning also, because I love the warmth and sun-kissed look my skin gets. All it really takes is one tanning session. I don’t burn so I just go the max. I feel so much better after tanning and my skin becomes so soft. I am taking my vitamins also for the most part. I think I may re-dye my hair also as its been awhile, maybe go black again.


Well, this is a topic I haven’t really gave much info on lately. For awhile there it was at its normal worstness again, however I have been keeping a lot more food down these days, mainly veggies of course. I know my digestive system is working well though because I am literally going number two every day….or more. Normally tiredness and stress would cause me to b/p more, however I am very tired today but have had 3 chicken salads today and feel good. There is no desire to b/p, theres really no desire for any sweets right now. Even when I do b/p lately, theres no gratification from it, and no real need to do it. I feel a lot lighter these days mentally. I feel a lot of the b/p is habit. I know my body can digest food even without probiotics. It’s all just mental. It’s getting easier though. I think getting on a schedule will help me a lot too with everything.


Hmm, this is a weird one because I think this is sorta habit also. I don’t have a need to drink at all and I haven’t been overly drinking. In fact, I have been sticking with the spiked sparkling waters lately. They are low carb, I think the new Smirnoff one is the best. I do not feel so bloated on it or feel like I am drinking syrup. And they are only 4-5 percent alcohol like a normal beer. I do not think I will drink anything tonight. I need to go to bed and get a good nights sleep.

The last three days have been a bit emotional for me, mainly because I feel like I have gotten a lot off my chest. Even when I don’t feel guilt for something, it’s still hard keeping things inside out of fearing the wrath of being judged. It is hard enough being native, I really don’t feel like giving people more of a reason to find faults in me. I live in a very double-standard christian conservative state. I wish people would just get along and be considerate of others. Hate, drama, gossip, anything negative, it gets exhausting. People live on gossip and drama though, otherwise we wouldn’t have the news and social media. Aside from all that though, I feel good and hopeful.


I kind of just wanted to low key my post today. I honestly do not feel like I have much more to tell of my past other than bits and pieces. I am starting to remember some good moments though like with traveling. I let all the negatives overshadow good moments though. I need to work on that. Maybe if all the negative emotions were drained away than what would be left is happiness. Maybe I experienced more emotions that the average folk so if I drained away the bad than I would have a fairly normal amount of happiness. I don’t know, I don’t really exactly know how hypnotherapy works, just the basics I suppose. I am looking forward to see how it works out.

Well peeps, I just finished lunch and have a bit more work to do. Be good to yourselves as I am doing. I will talk to you tomorrow. 🙂