It was a very relaxing, easy going day. I woke up feeling good. I dyed my hair back to black and had my morning coffee while video chatting with my daughters parents before I went over and made breakfast at their place. I finished all my homework that was due today so literally just relaxed. They had family come and pick apples off their apple tree so Bailey got to meet other people and run around a lot in the nice cool fresh air all day. I donated plasma today and we all had Chinese for dinner. Our daughter wouldn’t sleep so we spent about an hour riding on the interstate trying to get her to fall asleep….it didn’t work, although it may have worked on her dad a little. So that was literally the entire day, just relaxing and chilling.


This is how Bailey and I both feel tonight so this one will be short. It was a good day. I am starting to get deeper into my mind. Well, I will go Netflix and chill for a while before I hit the bed. I cannot say the same for my daughter and her mom though, I wish my daughters parents the best. Goodnight everyone.