My finger is throbbing like crazy but I am excited for it to stop bleeding and heal some so I can see the dome in my finger. I am enjoying moving my body in certain ways to see if I can feel pain in my finger. It is really surprising how something like the lower extremities can have an effect on my finger tip. I crashed like crazy last night and when I woke up my bandage was soaked through, which was amazing because it was still bleeding when I changed the gauze and and other layers of what they put on. It became really fun when Bailey and the cats tried eating my finger and bandages.

It was a really busy day at work but I am not working with my packaging partner much anymore so it was very good even though we had a lot of work. Next week I should get a good amount of overtime. I have a couple friends who asked me to help with their work also so that will help with money since I cannot donate plasma with my effed up finger.

Eating Wise

I have been keeping food down actually, its been about three days. I have wanted to b/p but I don’t let myself. I know that box of candy is only temporary satisfaction and will only lead to a long all day b/p session. It’s disgusting.

My finger itches, burns, and throbs, its fun. I can’t really type, which sorta sucks because I still have school work to do. I will have to cut this shorter than I was hoping because typing is really starting to hurt. Well, have a good night everyone.