I am not sure what to say about myself these days, my past is the only interesting part about me. If my past is taken out of the picture than I am honestly very boring. 

Today was a decent day. My finger is still bleeding a little bit, not much anymore so that is good…only took three days. I got homework done but still need to bullshit on an essay tomorrow and still need to make a bibliography. Essays are very easy for me to do, in fact the last one I did for Ethics I typed up in ten minutes and got an A. In case my readers haven’t realized, writing is my strong point. Except when my finger is busted up, but its interesting to see how fast I can get used to not having a finger. My finger is still bothering me a lot. I can feel different nerves working. I have noticed thinking of different things can actually effect how much I feel it. I plan to experiment more tomorrow with it.

I will be good to myself...just have to repeat that ten times a day...right?

Eating Wise

I ate well today and only purged a little once, otherwise I ate a lot of salad. I had bacon and eggs for breakfast. My daughters mom and I made a chicken buffalo soup, it was amazing.

I am still in quite a bit of pain when typing, so I cannot really make this post worth while. I am feeling a lot better today than I have been all week. It was a really rough week and next week will be worst I am sure…I just need to breath.

Well, I am going to go watch As Above, So Below, with my daughters parents. Everyone have a great night. I will. I will also start trying to be nicer to myself. I know I can be very hard on myself. I just need to breath.