Breath, just Breath

UGH GAWD, Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday. Its always a good day when I clock out on a Thursday with 39 hours. Gawd. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have schoolwork. I suppose this is the life I wanted though, right? It was literally NONSTOP all day. I went to go visit my daughter… Continue reading Breath, just Breath


I’m Trying

Here comes the pain...maybe. I took my probiotic this morning and an hour later ate a salad. I need to start being better to my tummy. I need to be better to myself actually. I know I am like a broke robot, I say the same thing over and over. Well, I was hopeful this… Continue reading I’m Trying

Ethical Contemplating

For Ethics this past week we had to contemplate whether or not assisted suicide should be legal and if so, to what extent. Many of my classmates said it was okay to let someone die if they were in misery health wise but not mental, but could not really give an explanation as to why.… Continue reading Ethical Contemplating

Just Keep on Going

The only guarantee we have in life is death. No one is promised love, equality, rights, or warmth. It is almost a sick game of luck we played before this life. Maybe we played sticks and the shortest stick got the ideal life. My tummy had a rough day. Since I haven't been going number… Continue reading Just Keep on Going


Inferior, unwanted, in the way, stupid, disgusting, dying, ugly, worthless, all put together to create a smiling , happy, talkative, outgoing human. I am stuck in between two worlds, I hate being colored. I wonder if there is anywhere color doesn't define if a person is garbage or not. The only place I have been… Continue reading Unwanted

Well, This one Sucks

I don't do well with any form of relationships. I am needy, selfish, mean, and insecure. I try to have strength to be stronger and not so sad but the reality is that my brain could very well not be developed correctly, so trying could be pointless. I will always let those around me down,… Continue reading Well, This one Sucks