I would love to b/p right now. I have been doing so good lately though. I think maybe I need to keep more snacks around, like cheese sticks or make some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. I could buy some Atkins chocolate shakes too for when I need something sweet and don’t want to b/p. It took a lot of strength not to order a pizza tonight. I got stressed out by my neighbors again. I didn’t let my stress lead to a b/p on junk food so for that I am fairly proud.

So I kinda wanted to show off my finger so everyone can understand why it really hurts to type right now.

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So I went back to the doctor for my check up and turns out I was supposed to change the yellow bandage that I was under the impression to leave it alone. So my flesh decided to grow into it which meant the doctor wasn’t able to get the bandage off. It was a great time because when she said she had to go get her superior I quickly tried slowly taking it off, which hurt like a mother fucker but if I was going to be in pain no way was I going to let someone else do it. He was a nice guy and was really cheering me on. So I managed to get it off but in doing so obviously took the new flesh along with it which caused the uncontrollable bleeding again for an hour. Finally after putting pressure on it for that long it finally was under control enough we could bandage it up. So now I get to change the bandages daily, all of them, which I know is going to hurt like a bitch. I plan to do this with wine. I have to say though, I am still impressed by my pain tolerance. So were both the doctors because they said most people would need to look away and have someone else do that. But yeah, fun times.

I ended up working 9 hours today. I am working as much as I can right now. I am getting my shit straightened out financially. I have goals and a big one is to be financially stable.

Well, I plan to watch a movie with the boys tonight. I am not sure yet what but it was a long day. Work has been crazy and I am trying to get ahead in schoolwork since hockey is Friday and Saturday. So with that, goodnight everyone!