So excruciating pain is when your tummy becomes rock hard after not b/p. I have been keeping food down for the most part lately. Normally I try to eat a lot of veggies to keep my digestive track going however today was so busy for me with work. I really did not eat much except a small salad of just lettuce and cheese for lunch. I worked almost a ten hour day so by the time I got off I was starving and lightheaded. So I ate another salad (lettuce and cheese) while my daughters mom cooked me a big omelet with a lot of cheese. I think I overdid the cheese. I know I have a lactose problem with milk and ice cream so since I did not have any fiber today really I think the cheese killed my tummy. I became so bloated and everything burned. I could barely move without being in terrible pain. I laid down on my left side for awhile and ended up feeling well enough to go home. I can feel it in my intestines, it’s all over the place. I have a feeling my number twos will be terrible tomorrow. I took a laxative. I don’t like the idea of taking them but at the moment I am sitting here looking pregnant with a rock hard tummy.

I switched out all my bandages today like the doctor ordered. It took awhile for my finger to stop bleeding enough for me to bandage it back up again. I am assuming it will be like this for the next few days. I should have probably waited to do this when I wasn’t already lightheaded. A bit of blood loss didn’t seem to help surprisingly.

I think having some snacks at work will be really helpful. I have been keeping myself busy. I will make sure to eat more fiber, especially if I am having cheese. I did not really have anything to drink with my dinner either since I scarfed it down. I feel like this helped make it all worst also.

Nothing eventful happened today, it was just a lot of work. The company had its grand opening of its new building, pretty much anyone who is running in our states next election was there plus a lot of other people with money. I stayed in the back and did my work, I am not fond of people so far off from the sad end of reality.

I think tomorrow I will take Bailey to a meetup for his buddies. He needs to play with his friends. Especially since the weather is getting cooler. Anyhows…I am tired and have some things to do before bed. My finger is getting tired so I will head out. I am doing my best to be good to myself. Have a good night everyone.