Ugh, I am exhausted. I was at work by 7am and didn’t get off till around 5:30pm…maybe a little later. I am trying to get as much overtime this week since I am filling in this week. I had to go to Walmart after work and than got home and did homework. I am working hard towards my goals.

The laxatives I took yesterday worked a little too well, it was literally an all day event. With how hard it was to do number 2 having taken three, I don’t want to know how much pain I would have been in if I didn’t take them. The last time I was trying to recover and my belly swelled, it was huge and so painful. I couldn’t move because my belly hurt so bad. So I would like to think I saved myself from that. So I ate tons of salad today to try and clear the rest of everything out. I think I should take a probiotic tomorrow to get some good bacteria back in my tummy. I did purge a little once, I am not sure why. I think there was some fear about having that pain happen again. All in all, I pretty much ate tons of salad, one was a chicken, another was a ham, and another was a steak.

I bought a few Atkins shakes. I do not want to have the bars yet because as for now, I see it being a potential trigger for a b/p session. They will be easy to keep in my desk at work so I can grab one when I am feeling like I need a boost but no time to slow down. At least I am getting calories, protein, a couple carbs, vitamins, and whatnot. I just want to make sure I am getting my nutrients.

My finger is still aching but its bleeding a lot more than its actually bothering me. I have been keeping all form of activity away from it. It is still having uncontrolled bleeding every time I change the bandages, but it seems to be doing better a little.

Considerably less gauze for the bleeding while changing, I had some wine tonight beforehand so I could press harder to stop the bleeding. It is crazy how much it is still bleeding considering I did this like last Thursday.

Well, I am going to bed. Tomorrow will be another long day. I have to somehow write a huge essay since Friday night hockey starts and my paper is due Saturday. My goal is to get fifty hours in this week….if not maybe 48? Puck drop is at 7:05 so I want to make sure to get their early because free shirts will be given out to the first of so many people. Yawns…goodnight everyone!