Ah the sweet smell of death of leaves in the Fall. It is my favorite season next to winter. When I was a kid I loved winter…it worked well in Alaska. When I became a carrier I ended up hating it. Now that I do not have to work in all day I can honestly start to enjoy these changing seasons. I love watching the leaves change colors, that is one thing I miss about being a carrier. I loved walking in Fall all day and watch the trees change colors every day. So many people drive by nature without really looking at the beauty it holds.

I found out tonight Amazon had a boomerang subscription channel where I can get a week free….I am bing watching Scooby Doo, Where are you?.

Even with the childhood I had, being a child seemed so much simpler. I suppose a child never really has to fully deal with everything that goes on in their lives, much of the bad things go to their subconscious and unconsciousness. It is not until they are older that they realize the extent of shit that has happened.

I worked from 7 am to 6:45 pm today. I clocked out at almost 40 hours. I do not mind, tomorrow will be all OT for me. I plan to work a full day. I didn’t have the energy in me to start on my essay for psychology. I know I can bullshit through it. I just have to get in that zone. Tomorrow I will not work past 4pm. I need to make sure I get off early enough because I need to get to the arena quick so I can get a free shirt. I want to get in right away so I can get a jersey and not have to wait an hour to do so.

Well, Bailey decided to tear my bandages straight off tonight. Not intentionally, we were rough housing. It hurt like a bitch though. It is still bleeding, but it has never stopped so I do not blame Bailey.

Watching these old shows makes me wonder how people traveled without cell phones back in the day.

I have been wondering these days if I tried getting better for myself or because I was always disappointing others. Have I gotten any better? I do not know.

Well, its been a long exhausting day. I am going to relax with some Scooby Doo before bedtime. Be good to yourselves, I am. Good night.