Days seem to pass by so fast these days. Between work and school I feel like everyday is a blur. The air is bitter these days and the wind is even colder. The blankets are warm and the wine suits the mood. Rosemary’s Baby, a favorite of mine is playing. Bailey is on my side sleeping on my tummy and the cats are snoozing away. It is a calm but stressful time. I am just trying to keep my emotions and mind in check. I wouldn’t mind not having emotions I don’t think. Emotions are exhausting and only cause problems.

I have been kind of hungry the past couple days. Tomorrow I can order groceries. I may have broke the bank a little with my new jersey but there are no regrets. I am gladly willing to be hungry a few days for it. Its not near as bad as that one time I went over a week without food….I think ten days? That was my own personal experiment however. So really, a meal a day or so really isn’t problematic. I am still proud of my new jersey, its my very first one I own. I have been racking up a lot of overtime so it will work out.

I didn’t really get a chance to talk to my manager today, it was a busy day and I was really snarky with my partner. I sort of procrastinated on my homework today so will have to do it tomorrow evening. No big deal, it’s all still on time. I am trying not to get stressed out at work but gawd, this lady. I am starting to wonder if I am better off leaving, but I love the company and there are bitches like her everywhere. I am just used to people like her being management.

My eating has been light. I am still eating lower carb. Jimmy Johns actually has really good unwhiches. I will eat well tomorrow evening when I have groceries delivered.

I really do not have much to say tonight. I am just trying to get by the days. The shorter they get the longer they feel. It’s like there is less time in the air…if that makes any sense. Well, everyone have a good night.