The only guarantee we have in life is death. No one is promised love, equality, rights, or warmth. It is almost a sick game of luck we played before this life. Maybe we played sticks and the shortest stick got the ideal life.

My tummy had a rough day. Since I haven’t been going number two because of a crappy week of binging and purging I decided to take a laxative, because once I was keeping food down again it felt like it was just getting stuck and my tummy couldn’t digest. This hurt a lot and bad enough I was vomiting also. I need to start taking my probiotics again. I feel everything taking a greater toll on my body. Oh well, it is a process.

Today was a busy day. Bailey didn’t get to go to his daycare because I didn’t realize he needed a shot to protect him against kennel cough. I got a little annoyed at first but than told myself they are just trying to protect the pups from a contagious disease. I did feel bad for him a little because he started getting excited when he heard the other pups and than we had to leave which he seemed fairly disappointed. I made an appointment for him on Friday to get situated with the vet my cats. I have been meaning to get him all settled in but just haven’t gotten around to it so I suppose now is the time. So hopefully he will start on Monday.

I am trying to keep my head up. I have made it past midterms so that is good. I am over halfway done with the semester, and still have an A and two B’s…however one of those B’s is in speech and the professor hasn’t graded any assignments other than what is automatically computer graded for quizzes, I feel like I should have an A after its all graded. I will soon be able to sign up for next semester classes. I am not sure if I want to keep the same workload or to start challenging myself a bit more. Work is steady and evening out now that we are moved. I suppose it all depends on what classes I take, I like to even it out between easier and harder.

Well, I worked over 10 hours today so I am pooped. I am going to watch a movie or something and relax. My body is very weak tonight. I need to take better care of myself. Well, have a good night peeps. Sleep well.