Here comes the pain…maybe. I took my probiotic this morning and an hour later ate a salad. I need to start being better to my tummy. I need to be better to myself actually. I know I am like a broke robot, I say the same thing over and over.

Well, I was hopeful this morning but it ended up being another b/p day. Gawd, I was doing so well. Why is sugar so addictive? Why is the b/p so comforting? Its like I am watching myself from the outside do the same cycle over and over again.

I like when I clock out on a Wednesday with almost 30 hours. I have been busting my butt with work and school work but theres no hockey this weekend and I am past midterms so hopefully life with settle down for a week or so. I need to start balancing out my life. Pssh…I am sure I sound like a broken clock by this point. I am trying though, I really am.


Wasn’t I cute?

It is weird to look at my baby and toddler pictures. Like damn, how could life go so wrong?

Good Night