UGH GAWD, Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday. Its always a good day when I clock out on a Thursday with 39 hours. Gawd. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have schoolwork. I suppose this is the life I wanted though, right? It was literally NONSTOP all day. I went to go visit my daughter and her parents after work today. Her dads dad had surgery today and wasn’t doing so well after it. There is so much going on these days. I crashed pretty fast and hard right after I posted last night. My daughter gives me strength to keep on pushing on but damn, it’s like theres barely room to breath. Well, tomorrow is payday, I am getting my finances figured out, I promise myself all this stress won’t be in vain. I have my goals I am working towards. As for now, Goodnight, I am fighting for a good future and need my sleep.