Soooo, staying sober for a month didn’t go as planned. HOWEVER, I am in a new mindset about this. I don’t do well with depravity, in fact it gives me cravings for more of something. But having a couple drinks last night was relaxing, however, its not the same. I have noticed it changing for awhile but its like I was drinking before to get to that point of needing it like I needed it before, I just was never able to get there. I don’t know how else to explain it other then I know I don’t need it. It was just a good night and that was it. It is nice to know I don’t need it though because school is starting and that comes before any fun. So…yeah, first and only New Years Resolution broken. Its whatever Lol.

SCHOOL STARTS TODAY! So I am very excited for school starting. I don’t know why, it just seems very right. I am so excited to be learning more.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

This was the first thing my Creative Writing instructor posted. I am going to love this class.

I am taking a Business Computer class because it will really help with work since everything we do is computer related, so I am excited to be taking that. I am taking a nutrition class that I think will really benefit me for obvious reasons. I am excited for my Social Problems class because of the world I grew up in. I am hoping to gain better insight into our society…or at least a normal view.

So last night I drank as much as I normally would. I should have taken into account that low carbing makes alcohol hit harder and I haven’t drank in almost a week, so I am actually becoming fairly hungover. I feel like my body was probably a little to used to alcohol. Oh well, live and learn. School has started so I really can’t drink as much as I was anyways. It’s just weird though to feel this hungover. I feel like I need to throw up but I wont. Although last night I actually ate and drank but did not purge, so thats actually a pretty big achievement for me…so thats good for the future.

I think I will go open a savings account today during lunch. Bailey is in daycare today and he had his grooming session. I am excited to see how pretty he looks. He got a bath, brushed, toe nails clipped, ears cleaned, butt cleaned, and teeth brushed.

Ughh, I will have to end this short, the bitch (coworker) won’t stop snooping on me…like I don’t know if she’s actually snooping on me but she keeps walking through my office for no real reason. Sooo, well, I’ll end this because I barely can get any words in. Have a good day everyone!