Today I am going to talk about grapes, red grapes in particular because that is what I am eating for breakfast.

-Grapes contain healthy carbs, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins K,A,C,B6, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, calcium and just the right amount of sodium. They also have riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, and folate. So nutrient wise grapes are like a holy grail.

-Reduce aging, reduce chances of a heart attack, and filters out toxins in the blood.


-Helps control asthma, diabetes, cataracts, migraines, indigestion, fatigue, and studies are even showing they can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. They also can boost immunity and help with kidney issues as well as cholesterol.

-Helps keep the eyes strong as well as bones and helps prevent cavities.

And I have been SO afraid to eat grapes for YEARS because they contained sugar. So dumb…grapes are delicious.

Eating Wise

I am less afraid of eating these days. My pants actually fit fairly well today which makes me wonder if my body is starting to balance out. I am trying to chew my food more. I spent quite a bit of yesterday looking up healthy foods, turns out they contain sugar and carbs, but theres a difference between processed and natural carbs/sugars. It’s feeling pretty good to let go of the fear of food. I feel like I am gaining a sense of freedom. Society sucks with the pressure they push onto women about having to be so damn perfect on the outside. I will never let my daughter think society needs to dictate any part of her thinking or her body. The perfect body is dictated by disgusting men who have brainwashed women for centuries and gotten them to judge each other based on appearance but who still like to pretend they are part of any women’s movement to make themselves equal to men….I guess they have in the way of judging and sexualizing females. Luckily this superficial bullshit is changing for the better with each generation.

Drinking Wise

Well, I had a couple glasses of wine last night to relax a bit. I wasn’t concentrating on my homework that great so I decided to listen to some ghost stories while researching healthy food. I probably won’t really have time to drink anything again till the game on Saturday. I am not looking forward to the crowd that night. It’s mens night, ugh last year they were so fucking annoying. I will probably just buy my drinks beforehand and not walk around during intermission. Last year my daughters dad had to keep them from bothering me. I attract the biggest creeps.

So I didn’t go to Baileys meet-up yesterday because I was still dealing with a bad tummy. The stool softeners and laxatives finally worked. It was a rough day. My daughter and her mom were both pretty sick as well, our daughter threw up twice. I think her dad may be getting sick as well. Anyways, I spent the day exhausted and felt undernourished. I did eat though and I drank so much water, I was so thirsty. I am still drinking a lot of fluids and the grapes I think will be good for me because they are mostly water. But yeah, so I put Bailey in daycare today because I will most likely do a 12 hr day. I brought him in early too so I could start my work earlier. So my socializing this weekend was being sick with my family and boys.

Well, this week is payday! I will have some money in my savings on Friday. 🙂  I could put some in now but I want to buy some healthy food today. I think I might make myself a stuffed pepper for dinner tonight. It will be nice to have money in my savings by the end of the week.

I think I might start the gym Wednesday. I would tomorrow but I am babysitting my friends cats so have to give them their meds before work. I think at least being on the elliptical can really help my tummy. I just want to be healthy. I don’t even want to be thin anymore, I want to have muscle. When I worked at the post office I think I was too skinny. I was literally walking myself to starvation. I could see all my ribs and it’s so ironic because even though I could practically see all of them, I still saw myself as fat. I didn’t even have any boobs because I was that skinny. I am probably fairly lucky I quit otherwise I would have easily made it to anorexia.

Well, because finances are getting where they are at I think I will buy some counter chairs this weekend. It will be nice because than I can actually sit down and eat. I will also have room to draw. It’s good to have my life in order.

Well, my lunch is about over so I had better get started on the rest of my shipments. Have a good day peeps, if your anywhere near the midwest, stay warm. Fucking cold…later!