Butter, who would have thunk it could be a healthy fat?

Butter has vitamins A,E, and K2, K2 being one that many westerners lack. This helps prevents blood clots and is good for bones and the heart. (Who knows the damage I have done to my heart.)

-Butter contains healthy saturated fats that studies have shown can actually help with weight loss.

-If it’s real butter, it’s exactly that! Crap like margarine is so overly processed. I don’t care if they separate the good vegetable oils from the bad….the fact they need to do that to market as healthier than a pure substance like butter is disgusting. Also studies are showing that people who eat margarine have a higher chance of cardiovascular disease.

-This one I didn’t know, real butter contains butyrate which is very good for the digestive system. Butyrate nourishes our body all the way down to the mitochondria and lowers insulin and triglycerides. Butyrate can also prevent weight gain and is an anti-inflammatory.

-Studies show those who eat real butter are not at a higher chance for obesity.

So butter is amazing. I cooked my eggs and pepper in butter for breakfast. I love the taste of real butter. I also had a red banana (they are cute lil things) but I won’t go into detail with how great those are for a person either, better than yellow!

Eating Wise

I am eating fine. I am chewing my food and enjoying what I have. In turn that causes me to eat less and I actually feel satisfied now. I bought some healthy groceries last night, even bread! I bought some greek yogurt for the probiotics it has as well.

I am feeling kinda sick this morning as I am typing this. I kinda wonder if I am getting what my daughter and her parents have been dealing with. The good thing about that is it seems to be only a 24hr bug….it just doesn’t make it fun today. I feel like throwing up but my daughters mom brought me a sprite.


Ok, so after I wrote that yesterday, I went downhill fast. I was able to get all my shipping done but I left work around one (?) and its a good thing I left when I did because I literally passed out. Everything, body, joints, skin, eyes, brain, organs, all hurt. I woke up a few times hallucinating thinking clients were touring my apartment or that there was someone inside. I heard voices and saw shadows. I was sweaty but freezing. I managed not to throw up, I kept moving into positions where the nausea would temporarily subside. My tummy felt like needles were being stuck in and out of it all over. This morning I attempted to go to work but I could barely stand for more than a few minutes before my head would feel so full and I would collapse. My body still ached and I still felt nauseas a bit. I slept till around 11 and managed to eat a bowl of “Well Yes” soup (not bad). I slept again until a little after 4 tonight and have been up since, it’s now 6. My spine still aches and my head still feels full. My uterus still hurts. Weirdly my ears hurt as well.  I can at least sit up so I can get some homework done.

Eating Wise

Well, I only ate Greek Gods Yogurt after going home yesterday and than a little for breakfast as I was attempting to get ready for work. Since I don’t have the nausea anymore I made a nutrient packed soup, boiled hamburger, wild blend rice, onions, mixed peppers, mixed vegetables, and a big can of crushed tomatoes.


I am very excited to eat it. Right now I am enjoying a cup of tummy tea. I am not afraid to eat these days, it’s just whatever. I do want to find time for the gym but not until I am a hundred percent. I want to build muscle. Food is energy for the body so I am finding nutrient packed foods to eat. I do not limit myself with foods I want, but just make sure to watch myself and if I am full or not. I ate the pizza pretty easy this weekend though, even though I probably ate a little too much. It was really good. I feel satisfied with food. And damn, I save a lot of money.

Drinking Wise

Ha, funny, no time for that shit right now. I am so behind on homework now.

Well, not much more has gone on the past two days other than me feeling like I was going to die. This soup is really good. I need to get caught up on homework. My body aches and headache is starting to subside a little, I think water is really helping. Well, I hope everyone stays healthy, goodnight peeps.