Well, I think I might be becoming regular. I have been taking a shit every day for the past four days, and there are days its been a lot more then just once. I feel great this morning in terms of my tummy.

I had a really busy weekend. There was hockey Friday night which was a great game and then my parents came into town Saturday and I took them to the Saturday night game. That was a really shitty game, that ref needs to seriously retire. I had a really great time with my parents regardless. When they made it to my place I had BLT’s waiting for them and then we went to this really awesome thrift store. We were there like 2.5 hours but it felt like maybe an hour, its a very cool thrift store. I took them to visit with my daughter and her parents a couple times. My daughters mom made a really yummy egg bake and monkey bread. All in all, a great visit.

Eating Wise

Eating has been great. I try to keep my meals nutritious. This morning I had another Healthy Choice breakfast bowl (too lazy to cook eggs this morning) an apple, and some Greek Gods yogurt. Apples are so good. Fruit is so good. Yogurt is so good. Monkey Bread is so good. I am still letting myself splurge a little at the hockey games. I don’t want to feel like I am depriving myself.

Drinking Wise

Meh, its been whatever. Beers at the game, wine occasionally at home. Its not something I need but something I enjoy. Responsibilities do come first however.

Well, signing up for that extra class kinda make an impact on my finances in terms of being ahead. I will still be completely caught up with everything, buuuut in terms of having a good savings amount, meh, probably not. I hope I don’t have to pay in taxes this year.


I ate too many cookies yesterday, they were small though and it wasn’t really a binge, just over enjoyment. I felt sluggish last night though. Having my body work normally again I do need to watch processed sugar intake, or processed foods in general. They aren’t healthy but should be able to be enjoyed periodically but only till satisfied. I am going to start keeping track of my food and weigh it. I did this before but it was more to restrict calories. Now I want to do it so I have a better idea of how much I am eating in a day and also I remember when doing it before I was really surprised how off I was on food proportions. Vegetables I remember I was eating no where near the amount I thought I was. So just for portion control and eating insight, I think I will just create a food diary for a while.

I think I will contact the hypnotherapist today. I think she should be back now from her trip. The last session wasn’t really a “miracle cure” so to say but it definitely helped me let some things go so I could work on myself more. It was like “lets take this burden away so you have more strength.” There are obviously still things I am working on. I know I do still have a lot of anxiety but I also contribute that to school and work as well as life. I do not have near as much anxiety as I used to but I notice my mind will still wander off to the worst things that could happen in life and if I don’t get it away from that path my mood sinks. I am a lot better at controlling it. I still have a lot of phobias I would like to work on. At the same time I don’t because just thinking about insects, holes, and fans creep me out.

My daughter and her mom are sick again. It makes sense since my daughter has been around other kids and her mom just started work after being gone so long. I went to bed by ten last night but still feel groggy this morning. I haven’t been sleeping great so I think tonight I will drink tea tonight before bed.

Well I have a whole 25$ in my savings LOL. Buuut I have also kept it there. I have never been able to keep money in a savings more then a few days.

Regardless, I am so excited for the end of this week because I will be ALL caught up on finances. I wont be ahead like I said before as I was hoping to be…but for the first time ever, I will be sitting great. I think I will eventually try a study and not chicken out. That would really help A LOT. All in all, financially I am doing amazing. It’s really weird to look back at my history…such a hopeless situation and now I am where I am.

Now that my tummy is doing well I know I should go to the gym and get some exercise in. I know I have been saying that for awhile but think my body is finally getting to the point that it will be okay and I am not sick anymore. I think if I get a goods night sleep tonight I will go in the morning…also..theres cloud shit everywhere outside and who wants to go through that to get to a gym?

On a separate related health type thing, I signed up for a free health screening at work. It’s fairly basic, blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, blood sugar, that type of thing. It’s provided free by the company so I figure why not. I believe this is done by the same outsource company that I went to one time for bulimia recovery.

I haven’t been reading much other than school work lately. Tonight I need to cram a bit. I’ve slugged a little. Its only the beginning of the semester so its all good. I just don’t want to get behind.



Bailey had a really good day at daycare yesterday. He doesn’t even hug me goodbye when I drop him off anymore. He could care less, he just wags his tail and trots away. I am happy he is making friends though and has a good time. It’s so hard to get him out of the house when it’s this cold out.

I feel like my posts these days are just updates that I am doing well and there is really nothing interesting to say. I suppose theres not with being “normal” so to say. School, work, hockey, occasional socializing…very normal. If I do hypnotherapy that should be an interesting one again. Maybe if I decided to reach out to my birthmother? I don’t really care to do that though, I am pretty happy with the mom I have. So I guess for now I am just uninteresting. I am alive and doing well so there is not much more too me.

Work is getting busy so I guess I will head out now. I hope everyone has a great day.