Day 35- Last Day of Freedom

When life is going well, I do not have much to write about. I cannot say why I still b/p. It has to all be habit. I do not enjoy or like a lot of food I binge on, especially not in the excessive amount that I do. A cookie can taste amazing at firstContinue reading “Day 35- Last Day of Freedom”

Day 34- A Nice Hello

For the first time in my life I feel I have what I need to succeed. I never did think I would get this far, and it really isn’t that far in the grand scheme of life. I’ve had to take a lot of steps backwards. Yesterday was very busy. I had orientation in theContinue reading “Day 34- A Nice Hello”

Day 32- Just Saying Hi

Hello! I am very ready for the weekend. I put in a request for tomorrow off since I have orientation. That is in the morning, but I still would like a three-day weekend. I bought a new computer yesterday, a nice reliable one for school. My old one was acting weird and I know howContinue reading “Day 32- Just Saying Hi”

Day 31-A Bad Soap Opera

I have always had an ideal image of who I would like to be, but it hasn’t been until the two years or so that I have started striving to make it reality. Until I got pregnant with my daughter, I never really kept my mind straight enough to make a long-term goal, nonetheless actContinue reading “Day 31-A Bad Soap Opera”