Borderline Personality Disoder

Trotting Along

Well, I think I might be becoming regular. I have been taking a shit every day for the past four days, and there are days its been a lot more then just once. I feel great this morning in terms of my tummy.

I had a really busy weekend. There was hockey Friday night which was a great game and then my parents came into town Saturday and I took them to the Saturday night game. That was a really shitty game, that ref needs to seriously retire. I had a really great time with my parents regardless. When they made it to my place I had BLT’s waiting for them and then we went to this really awesome thrift store. We were there like 2.5 hours but it felt like maybe an hour, its a very cool thrift store. I took them to visit with my daughter and her parents a couple times. My daughters mom made a really yummy egg bake and monkey bread. All in all, a great visit.

Eating Wise

Eating has been great. I try to keep my meals nutritious. This morning I had another Healthy Choice breakfast bowl (too lazy to cook eggs this morning) an apple, and some Greek Gods yogurt. Apples are so good. Fruit is so good. Yogurt is so good. Monkey Bread is so good. I am still letting myself splurge a little at the hockey games. I don’t want to feel like I am depriving myself.

Drinking Wise

Meh, its been whatever. Beers at the game, wine occasionally at home. Its not something I need but something I enjoy. Responsibilities do come first however.

Well, signing up for that extra class kinda make an impact on my finances in terms of being ahead. I will still be completely caught up with everything, buuuut in terms of having a good savings amount, meh, probably not. I hope I don’t have to pay in taxes this year.


I ate too many cookies yesterday, they were small though and it wasn’t really a binge, just over enjoyment. I felt sluggish last night though. Having my body work normally again I do need to watch processed sugar intake, or processed foods in general. They aren’t healthy but should be able to be enjoyed periodically but only till satisfied. I am going to start keeping track of my food and weigh it. I did this before but it was more to restrict calories. Now I want to do it so I have a better idea of how much I am eating in a day and also I remember when doing it before I was really surprised how off I was on food proportions. Vegetables I remember I was eating no where near the amount I thought I was. So just for portion control and eating insight, I think I will just create a food diary for a while.

I think I will contact the hypnotherapist today. I think she should be back now from her trip. The last session wasn’t really a “miracle cure” so to say but it definitely helped me let some things go so I could work on myself more. It was like “lets take this burden away so you have more strength.” There are obviously still things I am working on. I know I do still have a lot of anxiety but I also contribute that to school and work as well as life. I do not have near as much anxiety as I used to but I notice my mind will still wander off to the worst things that could happen in life and if I don’t get it away from that path my mood sinks. I am a lot better at controlling it. I still have a lot of phobias I would like to work on. At the same time I don’t because just thinking about insects, holes, and fans creep me out.

My daughter and her mom are sick again. It makes sense since my daughter has been around other kids and her mom just started work after being gone so long. I went to bed by ten last night but still feel groggy this morning. I haven’t been sleeping great so I think tonight I will drink tea tonight before bed.

Well I have a whole 25$ in my savings LOL. Buuut I have also kept it there. I have never been able to keep money in a savings more then a few days.

Regardless, I am so excited for the end of this week because I will be ALL caught up on finances. I wont be ahead like I said before as I was hoping to be…but for the first time ever, I will be sitting great. I think I will eventually try a study and not chicken out. That would really help A LOT. All in all, financially I am doing amazing. It’s really weird to look back at my history…such a hopeless situation and now I am where I am.

Now that my tummy is doing well I know I should go to the gym and get some exercise in. I know I have been saying that for awhile but think my body is finally getting to the point that it will be okay and I am not sick anymore. I think if I get a goods night sleep tonight I will go in the morning…also..theres cloud shit everywhere outside and who wants to go through that to get to a gym?

On a separate related health type thing, I signed up for a free health screening at work. It’s fairly basic, blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, blood sugar, that type of thing. It’s provided free by the company so I figure why not. I believe this is done by the same outsource company that I went to one time for bulimia recovery.

I haven’t been reading much other than school work lately. Tonight I need to cram a bit. I’ve slugged a little. Its only the beginning of the semester so its all good. I just don’t want to get behind.



Bailey had a really good day at daycare yesterday. He doesn’t even hug me goodbye when I drop him off anymore. He could care less, he just wags his tail and trots away. I am happy he is making friends though and has a good time. It’s so hard to get him out of the house when it’s this cold out.

I feel like my posts these days are just updates that I am doing well and there is really nothing interesting to say. I suppose theres not with being “normal” so to say. School, work, hockey, occasional socializing…very normal. If I do hypnotherapy that should be an interesting one again. Maybe if I decided to reach out to my birthmother? I don’t really care to do that though, I am pretty happy with the mom I have. So I guess for now I am just uninteresting. I am alive and doing well so there is not much more too me.

Work is getting busy so I guess I will head out now. I hope everyone has a great day.


First Poem

Oh meh gawd, the new packaging person is so annoying. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate men with big egos? I honestly can’t remember, but okay, I HATE MEN WITH BIG EGOS. Like are you just extra full of yourself because you are trying to make up for a tiny dick or what? Personally I don’t think I would go into a new workplace my first week and start bitching about how the building could have been built differently. Like YEAH, we know there are things to improve but shit we are getting at least two new buildings if not three because we grew faster than ever imagined. Like does he think I am just some sort of idiot who doesn’t realize my office could have been twice the size? Fuck yes I know this, my office space pretty much got cut in half, but ya know what? Its a fuck lot better than where we were at and yeah, we are over crowded but ya know what? ITS MY NEW OFFICE, MY SPACE, I have made it my own and comforting and he comes in and bitches about it and makes his desk look like a pigsty. And oh meh gawd, to bitch about every area and how he used to be some sort of carpenter so he knows what he’s talking about…okay so if your so great, go take over the guys job who built some of the top BSL in the world and this building, then come back and I will listen Also, I really need to find out how old this guy is, he seems like he’s upper 20’s or lower thirties but drives a loud ass car and spins his wheels when the light turns green at lights. Ugh his beard reminds me of a crotch full of pubes. Okay, rant over…but seriously…I take pride in my job and workspace…shove it asshole. At least when my new shipping partner starts he will no longer be in my office but upstairs with the freezers where he can’t be heard.

So here is my first poem I wrote in Creative Writing today, it had to be exactly 100 words. Its nothing spectacular or even realistic towards myself. In some ways maybe, but in other ways no since I never turned tricks on a corner…but maybe some insight into a history of someone that very possibly could have? There’s no name for it really, the professor just said to write a poem so I did. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a real poem…well, I hope I get a good grade on it.


Big eyes stare up afraid, cold eyes glare down

She wants her mom, where is her mom?

Non-understandable pain, all too familiar

Realism drifts away, her safe place appears

Verity drifts back, she no longer wants her mom,

Crying, anxious, angry, cold, big eyes lose their innocence,

Other kids are taught to dream big,

She is taught life is not fair

Struggle is real

Failed attempts of love

Her past has defined her

She learned these tricks young

Sky high prices but they never leave with a frown

Daddy issues they say

It’s paradoxically opposite

She just needs her mom

Well, I had a busy day at work and did homework when I got home for a few hours and then cleaned and am now enjoying a glass of wine. I will write tomorrow. I just wanted to post! Goodnight peeps!

Tummy Bug



Butter, who would have thunk it could be a healthy fat?

Butter has vitamins A,E, and K2, K2 being one that many westerners lack. This helps prevents blood clots and is good for bones and the heart. (Who knows the damage I have done to my heart.)

-Butter contains healthy saturated fats that studies have shown can actually help with weight loss.

-If it’s real butter, it’s exactly that! Crap like margarine is so overly processed. I don’t care if they separate the good vegetable oils from the bad….the fact they need to do that to market as healthier than a pure substance like butter is disgusting. Also studies are showing that people who eat margarine have a higher chance of cardiovascular disease.

-This one I didn’t know, real butter contains butyrate which is very good for the digestive system. Butyrate nourishes our body all the way down to the mitochondria and lowers insulin and triglycerides. Butyrate can also prevent weight gain and is an anti-inflammatory.

-Studies show those who eat real butter are not at a higher chance for obesity.

So butter is amazing. I cooked my eggs and pepper in butter for breakfast. I love the taste of real butter. I also had a red banana (they are cute lil things) but I won’t go into detail with how great those are for a person either, better than yellow!

Eating Wise

I am eating fine. I am chewing my food and enjoying what I have. In turn that causes me to eat less and I actually feel satisfied now. I bought some healthy groceries last night, even bread! I bought some greek yogurt for the probiotics it has as well.

I am feeling kinda sick this morning as I am typing this. I kinda wonder if I am getting what my daughter and her parents have been dealing with. The good thing about that is it seems to be only a 24hr bug….it just doesn’t make it fun today. I feel like throwing up but my daughters mom brought me a sprite.


Ok, so after I wrote that yesterday, I went downhill fast. I was able to get all my shipping done but I left work around one (?) and its a good thing I left when I did because I literally passed out. Everything, body, joints, skin, eyes, brain, organs, all hurt. I woke up a few times hallucinating thinking clients were touring my apartment or that there was someone inside. I heard voices and saw shadows. I was sweaty but freezing. I managed not to throw up, I kept moving into positions where the nausea would temporarily subside. My tummy felt like needles were being stuck in and out of it all over. This morning I attempted to go to work but I could barely stand for more than a few minutes before my head would feel so full and I would collapse. My body still ached and I still felt nauseas a bit. I slept till around 11 and managed to eat a bowl of “Well Yes” soup (not bad). I slept again until a little after 4 tonight and have been up since, it’s now 6. My spine still aches and my head still feels full. My uterus still hurts. Weirdly my ears hurt as well.  I can at least sit up so I can get some homework done.

Eating Wise

Well, I only ate Greek Gods Yogurt after going home yesterday and than a little for breakfast as I was attempting to get ready for work. Since I don’t have the nausea anymore I made a nutrient packed soup, boiled hamburger, wild blend rice, onions, mixed peppers, mixed vegetables, and a big can of crushed tomatoes.


I am very excited to eat it. Right now I am enjoying a cup of tummy tea. I am not afraid to eat these days, it’s just whatever. I do want to find time for the gym but not until I am a hundred percent. I want to build muscle. Food is energy for the body so I am finding nutrient packed foods to eat. I do not limit myself with foods I want, but just make sure to watch myself and if I am full or not. I ate the pizza pretty easy this weekend though, even though I probably ate a little too much. It was really good. I feel satisfied with food. And damn, I save a lot of money.

Drinking Wise

Ha, funny, no time for that shit right now. I am so behind on homework now.

Well, not much more has gone on the past two days other than me feeling like I was going to die. This soup is really good. I need to get caught up on homework. My body aches and headache is starting to subside a little, I think water is really helping. Well, I hope everyone stays healthy, goodnight peeps.


Today I am going to talk about grapes, red grapes in particular because that is what I am eating for breakfast.

-Grapes contain healthy carbs, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins K,A,C,B6, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, calcium and just the right amount of sodium. They also have riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, and folate. So nutrient wise grapes are like a holy grail.

-Reduce aging, reduce chances of a heart attack, and filters out toxins in the blood.


-Helps control asthma, diabetes, cataracts, migraines, indigestion, fatigue, and studies are even showing they can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. They also can boost immunity and help with kidney issues as well as cholesterol.

-Helps keep the eyes strong as well as bones and helps prevent cavities.

And I have been SO afraid to eat grapes for YEARS because they contained sugar. So dumb…grapes are delicious.

Eating Wise

I am less afraid of eating these days. My pants actually fit fairly well today which makes me wonder if my body is starting to balance out. I am trying to chew my food more. I spent quite a bit of yesterday looking up healthy foods, turns out they contain sugar and carbs, but theres a difference between processed and natural carbs/sugars. It’s feeling pretty good to let go of the fear of food. I feel like I am gaining a sense of freedom. Society sucks with the pressure they push onto women about having to be so damn perfect on the outside. I will never let my daughter think society needs to dictate any part of her thinking or her body. The perfect body is dictated by disgusting men who have brainwashed women for centuries and gotten them to judge each other based on appearance but who still like to pretend they are part of any women’s movement to make themselves equal to men….I guess they have in the way of judging and sexualizing females. Luckily this superficial bullshit is changing for the better with each generation.

Drinking Wise

Well, I had a couple glasses of wine last night to relax a bit. I wasn’t concentrating on my homework that great so I decided to listen to some ghost stories while researching healthy food. I probably won’t really have time to drink anything again till the game on Saturday. I am not looking forward to the crowd that night. It’s mens night, ugh last year they were so fucking annoying. I will probably just buy my drinks beforehand and not walk around during intermission. Last year my daughters dad had to keep them from bothering me. I attract the biggest creeps.

So I didn’t go to Baileys meet-up yesterday because I was still dealing with a bad tummy. The stool softeners and laxatives finally worked. It was a rough day. My daughter and her mom were both pretty sick as well, our daughter threw up twice. I think her dad may be getting sick as well. Anyways, I spent the day exhausted and felt undernourished. I did eat though and I drank so much water, I was so thirsty. I am still drinking a lot of fluids and the grapes I think will be good for me because they are mostly water. But yeah, so I put Bailey in daycare today because I will most likely do a 12 hr day. I brought him in early too so I could start my work earlier. So my socializing this weekend was being sick with my family and boys.

Well, this week is payday! I will have some money in my savings on Friday. 🙂  I could put some in now but I want to buy some healthy food today. I think I might make myself a stuffed pepper for dinner tonight. It will be nice to have money in my savings by the end of the week.

I think I might start the gym Wednesday. I would tomorrow but I am babysitting my friends cats so have to give them their meds before work. I think at least being on the elliptical can really help my tummy. I just want to be healthy. I don’t even want to be thin anymore, I want to have muscle. When I worked at the post office I think I was too skinny. I was literally walking myself to starvation. I could see all my ribs and it’s so ironic because even though I could practically see all of them, I still saw myself as fat. I didn’t even have any boobs because I was that skinny. I am probably fairly lucky I quit otherwise I would have easily made it to anorexia.

Well, because finances are getting where they are at I think I will buy some counter chairs this weekend. It will be nice because than I can actually sit down and eat. I will also have room to draw. It’s good to have my life in order.

Well, my lunch is about over so I had better get started on the rest of my shipments. Have a good day peeps, if your anywhere near the midwest, stay warm. Fucking cold…later!


Too much Detail


I may have had too much fun at the game last night. I really need to learn alcohol hits me harder and slower these days when I don’t constantly throw it up. I feel gross from the cheese curds also. But I didn’t throw a single thing up and throughly enjoyed everything, our team lost though. We really need a new goalie.


Ok, so low carb diet over. That is okay though.


Ok, so if your squeamish towards shit, yes literal shit, you probably shouldn’t read this next part.


So, we all now I struggle with bulimia and have been doing GREAT at keeping food down. Today marks 13 days. It hasn’t been rough that much. Like I know I have been gaining weight over the past year so it’s whatever. I still fit into my clothes, they just don’t fit like I like them to. This can be helped with eating healthy and going to the gym but that’s not relevant right now. So, I am not sure if there are any readers who are recovering from eating disorders but today was one of the worst recovery days I have ever had…honestly I would rather have given birth again. So Friday I started eating carbs because 1. Someone brought cookies to work (I ate two) and 2. I was getting fairly concerned with not shitting for a week. So I enjoyed carbs Friday and oh my god I felt like I was going to die Saturday. I woke up yesterday feeling okay. I still felt the side effects of enjoying my booze at the hockey game but drank some coffee and talked to my daughters mom and was feeling better in no time. Than all of a sudden I had to poop, which I was thinking, GREAT! Finally! It’s been over a fucking week! So I tried to go and I really couldn’t push it out, no matter how hard I pushed. Only the tip of this shit would come out and that was barely any at all. When I felt it through the toilet paper (I was going to see if I could fish it out?) and I couldn’t even pinch it, it was that hard! It was like a rock. So I kept trying to push but then started freaking out and became very sweaty (it didn’t help I was researching every death caused by a bowel obstruction). I could literally feel it stretching my intestines inside. I tried walking around and stretching to get it to a different angle. I honestly felt like I was going to die because I could feel shit behind it too. I was afraid that It would build up and my intestines would rip me apart. It hurt so bad. After awhile my daughters mom brought over a stool softener and a suppository. I was scared to use the suppository but eventually it became either I pay for a doctor visit or use it so I did, honestly…that’s probably what a doctor would have done as well. I’m not going to lie, it burned and hurt. I was crying and freaking out because I thought I did it wrong or that I was going to bleed out and die (unlikely now that I’m thinking logically) but my daughters mom held my hand and said I was going to be fine. Eventually she brought me to the toilet and the suppository worked…however, I didn’t wait as long as I should have because it was hurting so bad and I just wanted it out. I was hyperventilating and crying because of the pain and fear. Eventually it came out, I could feel this shit tear into three. After that came a bit more but it was all soft and runny. It clogged the toilet all day. We literally had to work on the toilet from 2pm to midnight. I never would have been able to shit that all out without help. So after that I took a stool softener and laxative to help get the rest of the shit out in there. I am researching foods that will be healthy and easy on my tummy. I only mention this because I think this is probably a major part of recovery because it proves diet is important. If I have any readers who are recovering, this is something to look out for definitely. So I am researching healthy foods that are easy going on the tummy. I hurt really bad afterwards all day but I am feeling good today.

Starting out borderline low carb I think was a great way to start because I didn’t feel guilt while eating and kept food down. It is important however to make sure I am incorporating fruit and a little bit of healthy whole grains in as well. I am going to be taking full advantage in my Nutrition class now and go in with an unbiased mindset. I noticed while reading that when it was talking about a healthy diet and I kept questioning the text and telling myself I shouldn’t be eating all those carbs. I think this is part of that whole yoyo diet, B/P mindset. I have become more excited for this class.

Sorry if that was a bit on the gross side but I have GREAT news! Someone rented my old apartment unit so I no longer have to do a buyout for it AND will get money back. There are still some questions that will be answered later on but nothing major. I will be giving my lawyer a complete breakdown summary of what I am getting back and why. It’s funny what happens when a lawyer becomes involved. But YES, GREAT NEWS! BY THE END OF THE MONTH I WILL BE FINANCIALLY STABLE!

Eating Wise

Well, eating has been fairly easy. I even ate some pizza yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it (I hope that digests okay). My eating habits will have to become healthier though. I am pretty scared of having that pain again.

Drinking Wise

Meh, it’s whatever.I had a tallboy last night with dinner. It lasted awhile because my daughters parents and I played some board games. So this tallboy lasted from probably 5-midnight. I had a little bit of wine to calm my nerves because I felt another possible poop coming along. I had 3 cups of beer at the hockey game Friday which for me that’s actually not much. I would easily down six before. Again…it’s amazing how much money is saved when one doesn’t throw everything up.

So an interesting thing happened yesterday. I don’t really talk about the kid I had from the rape. I kind of explained how bad everything was in ” Life Comes in 3’s” during that time. So I have never had much to do with her other than getting updates from her mom occasionally. Well, yesterday they called me up because their daughter (my daughter?) wanted to talk to me and her mom just wanted to give some updates. I have honestly never talked to this kid before. The last time I saw her she was younger then my daughter and was just learning to really walk. Now she is in second grade and talks a lot. She told me she loves to swim and loves art. I am not really sure how I feel about this. The entire time I was pregnant with her all I imagined was a parasite growing in me because I hated that asshole so much and felt infected. I kinda hated her too because of that. When I had my hypnotherapy session, if you recall, the lady had mentioned letting go any negative feelings because they could be strung back to her, so I did. It is just a weird feeling because obviously she is nothing like that rapist but I don’t know, I still do not want to grow any form of relationship with her, updates are fine. It was just weird was all.

Well, nothing more eventful has really happened. I am just studying and working my time away. I am at my daughters parents right now so will probably go and visit with them. Have a good day everyone!

Finally! Back to School!


I am happy school has started. I stayed up a little past ten writing down due dates. I will be using my planner to write a full daily schedule. My goal is to get all A’s this semester. I think after this semester all I will need is my science/lab class and then I can get my associates. I am slowly succeeding at this thing called life, ironically probably what will happen when I’m at the top is the dollar will lose all its value and I’m stuck trying to survive again, jokes…but possibly…but thats too much realism for my optimism.

I feel like I have taken pressure off me by not giving up drinking. There were no cravings last night or for today for that matter. I am more excited about getting schoolwork done. There is hockey on Thursday and Friday so I will stick to Truly’s. I do not think there is anything I can eat there. I might be able to have a couple cheese curds but cheese can be the death of my tummy.

Eating Habits

My eating has been fairly easy lately. It is still lower carb but I feel my tummy working itself out. I can make myself full without feeling the need to purge. I feel like I sleep better.


Yesterday was a long rough day. I couldn’t get a chance to just sit and breath at work and when I got home I started on school work. I also added another class because in theory I can take my science/lab class this summer and a small elective and be good to go on towards my bachelors. So now I am taking Nutrition, Business Computers, Social Problems, Creative Writing, and Interpersonal Communications. Honestly, all the classes will do me good, I am just going to be so busy. The creative writing I think is going to be the hardest class since there really is tons of writing. That is good though because I can start writing my book!

Drinking Wise

There really is no time. Other then Sunday I haven’t had time for even a glass of wine, which is fine. That one hit me hard since I kept everything down and it took longer to hit. Well, as I said before, live and learn. Theres no urge to drink. I have a couple hockey games this week that I will probably have Truly’s at (low carb, beer-wise content, don’t make me bloated.) I really just have no time at all. It will be nice when I have a new shipping partner because then I may be able to cut my lunch times short and leave early so I have more time to study. I think a lot of my drinking came from boredom. Also, considering I said a month of sobriety for my NYR, I have a year to do so, no need to rush myself.

Eating Wise

Eating is pretty easy. I am still sticking to my veggies and meats, occasional  cheese. There are times I feel like my tummy might be working to get me to go number two but then nothing happens. I am still taking my probiotic and drinking my teas. I haven’t eaten many steamed veggies lately so maybe I need to do that. I just love salad, it’s so easy and convenient and yummy. But yeah, its getting pretty easy not to purge, even when I feel I have eaten too much, it’s becoming more fulfilling. It seems easy and natural, which I guess it is natural to keep food down.

I am not sure if I mentioned this but I did end up opening up a savings account. There is nothing in there though but I have one, so thats a start.

I was trying to read my Stephan King book for some easy reading but I think I will stick to the college books until I get myself ahead I can breath some. It’s still good to read though. I went to bed reading my nutrition book and read it some this morning. I am still exercising my brain regardless, probably more so.

I should start saving up for skydiving. I think it’s about 220 to go. Even if it’s just like 20 bucks a month, by July that will be a decent chunk of the cost.

My socializing has been work. I am not exactly sure when I will have time for socializing outside of work, school, and hockey. Bailey will have his meet-ups so that may be my only chance to really “socialize.” I do get requests to go to meet-ups and stuff, I just am on a really tight budget and schedule these days. But that is okay because I am still actively participating in discussions in class.

I need to find time to get to the gym. Once I have more of a schedule with school and work this will be easier to do so. I would prefer to go before work but that means getting up earlier and going to bed earlier, but I am limited on going to bed earlier because of studying. I am trying to make a balance with my schedule, I’ll give myself a few days, I am still trying to figure everything out. No pressure!

I am going to buy some counter chairs so I can start drawing. Even if it is only like a half hour a day or something, it is good to have a healthy relaxing coping mechanism, especially now that I am sure I will be stressed occasionally throughout the semester.

Well peeps, I think I am doing pretty good. I am trying to figure out my shipments for today, I really wish things weren’t so last minute. That is okay though, I am learning to handle these stressors a little better…like gradually, but I am. I should get to work though, it is almost lunch time haha. Have a good day everyone!


Also…Bailey had a full Spa a couple days ago at daycare, he was EXHAUSTED after, but his nails were trimmed, his fur was nice and soft and trimmed, his teeth were clean, his face was pretty, his butt was clean, and his ears were cleaned! He still smells wonderful.

Trying to Explain Myself

My goal in my blog is not to have anyone feel sorry for me, honestly it’s the complete opposite. I cannot stand when people take pity on me thus why I never asked for handouts even in the worst of times. I did go to the food pantry a few times but I felt like an animal for doing so. My past does not define me nor do I need to leave the “past in the past.” The point of this blog is to show progression and recovery. What is said in the beginning is not what it is now. Maybe this is easier to understand for followers who have followed me since day one because it was a larger time span of reading. Getting over my past was so pre-hypnotherapy. After that I embraced my past and separated myself from the little girl and I let her free. This was still a weird thing to experience. I should probably try it again because there are some other things I would like to work on in terms of my eating disorder and extreme phobias. I am happy I went to this session before  the lady left on vacation because it opened the doors for me working more on myself. I only talk about this because I told a guy I went on a date with that going out on dates made me realize what I have and dating will not be something I will do nor want to do. What I have is unique and sacred. Well, he was nice about it but said I had to get over my past and he’s there waiting if I get over it and want to date. This is what I get for being nice and not bluntly honest, buuuut…it did get me to thinking if any of my readers have that persona of me. It was really bothering me, but I guess now if thats where readers cannot comprehend what I am trying to do here, that’s not on me. Again, optimism and not putting myself down for others opinions and judgements.

Oh Meh Gawd…since I was having trouble sleeping throughout the night I decided to try THREE night time teas rather then TWO. Talk about the most fucked up dreams. I knew I was going to have them too because I felt my body and mind fluctuate between one or the other being asleep while not the other. It was a rough night. I contribute this to the tea and getting back on a sleep schedule. Maybe I should stick with one or two? Or if I start going to the gym again maybe my body will be exhausted enough to sleep throughout the night. I sleep in total darkness now, like I turn all my lights off AND have the blinds and curtains closed now. But yeah, the first sign I was going to have a rough night was when I kept thinking I left the burner on, even though I know I didn’t, I just kept worrying about it. WHAT IS IN THAT TEA?

Day 4 of my Month of Sobriety

Honestly, I barely have the urge to even drink. Like there have been some low moods, but I definitely come out of them faster. Yesterday I had one for a little more then an hour, it sure beats days at a time like less then a year ago. But I did not use alcohol for this low mood. I just waited for it to pass and then went on with my evening. I received an order of 9 bottles of wine on the second of this month and they look so pretty on my wine racks. Even though they are in my home I do not feel like they cause an urge or anything. In fact, when I do finally enjoy them, I want to do only one a month for those bottles because 1. They cost me quite a bit and 2. They are special wines not sold in stores, so I want to fully enjoy them. But alas, I have to wait a month before trying any. They are all reds which I find suit the winter months better but I may get a case of whites eventually for the summer months. Either way, still something to be enjoyed. There is hockey this weekend so I need to figure out what I can eat and drink there as sports arenas aren’t exactly full of the healthiest foods or drinks. Like later on after my month of sobriety I can drink Truly’s, but for now, ehm, water? Maybe a few cheese curds?

Eating Wise

Well, I have kept everything down for four days and I don’t feel like I’m overwhelmed or anxious, it would just be really nice to take a shit. I ran out of my smooth move tea but I think I will stock up of different teas today. I do feel like I have something working up in my tummy though. I had green tea and coffee for breakfast since I am not really hungry. I think I will have a nice salad for lunch. I keep getting emails for all you can eat buffets and meals, ugh, what gluttonous society we live in. No wonder why other countries hate us. I do not feel my electrolytes and sugar are too far off normal. I am feeling pretty decent.

I went to bed reading my book for awhile. I find it fairly interesting. I should read more of “The Light Between Us.” Theres just so many things I want to read and soon I will have school books to be reading.

I think I will be opening up a savings today, obviously not a huge one, even if its just 20 or 25$, it’s a start. I still have to be comfortable while paying bills.

I suppose today was just an update. There is nothing overly special or eventful going on. I will have to go do some packaging soon. I have a new shipping partner who should be starting in the next couple weeks, then NO MORE of this bitchy packaging partner, even though she has been good since I made a complaint to HR and told her off. She is still exhausting to be around though before I have had my morning coffee finished. My daughters mom once told me if I am happy 60% of the time, then doesn’t that mean I am happy most of the time? I would say I am always above the 50% mark if not often at a 85-90%.  Does that mean I might actually be a happy person? Well, I had better get going peeps and do what I get paid to do. BYES!

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