Hiya Peeps!

Well, it has been a long stretch of days. I was so excited to get back to blogging and then I decided to get a viral infection and then finals happened and work became crazy overloaded. Everything has been going pretty well other than that, I am just very busy with life. I still have… Continue reading Hiya Peeps!


I am Back, I think…

It's been a long month. I think life is finally settling down.   I MOVED! So biggest thing that happened was I moved and I absolutely love my new apartment. It was a very much needed move. I felt myself losing grasp and hope that I could never get out of that shithole so I… Continue reading I am Back, I think…

Ready for the Silence

At times this world almost feels unbearable. Everything seems off and I cannot tell what it is. I feel scared and anxious. My thoughts are loud but I cannot understand what they are saying. Its like screaming but I cannot tell if it's someone elses or mine. It was a rough day today, I am… Continue reading Ready for the Silence

There’s Nothing

I am starting to think these feelings are permanent. I feel myself building walls and pulling away. I don't like feeling anxious and sad. It was my own fault for trying. I have only ever been wanted to the extent of a fuck or too late and told sorry, normally still after a fuck ironically.… Continue reading There’s Nothing

Just Want Numbness

Days seem to pass by so fast these days. Between work and school I feel like everyday is a blur. The air is bitter these days and the wind is even colder. The blankets are warm and the wine suits the mood. Rosemary's Baby, a favorite of mine is playing. Bailey is on my side… Continue reading Just Want Numbness

Rough Evening

So excruciating pain is when your tummy becomes rock hard after not b/p. I have been keeping food down for the most part lately. Normally I try to eat a lot of veggies to keep my digestive track going however today was so busy for me with work. I really did not eat much except… Continue reading Rough Evening

Pictures of my Finger

I would love to b/p right now. I have been doing so good lately though. I think maybe I need to keep more snacks around, like cheese sticks or make some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. I could buy some Atkins chocolate shakes too for when I need something sweet and don't want to b/p. It… Continue reading Pictures of my Finger