Life Goes On

Not sure if this one has been posted 🙂 Her body burns as her body lays in the hot water bath, she feels nothing. She stares up at an open small rectangular window above her shower;  rain falls from the gutters creating splashes against the window pane. She hears thunder rolling and an occasional dripContinue reading “Life Goes On”

Day 49- Shhh…

It is weird to know I have support from people I do not even now, for this I am grateful. Today was okay, I didn’t really sleep last night I do not think. I slept with my eyes open and when I do that, I always seem to wake up exhausted. When I sleep withContinue reading “Day 49- Shhh…”

Day 47- 3 Phobias

I have a deathly fear of insects. I have not always been this way. In fact, I recall when I was seven and not being afraid at all. I was playing outside our camper one day (we had no home at this time so had to stay in a camper while my parents looked forContinue reading “Day 47- 3 Phobias”

Day 46- Good Night

“Sometimes I can soak up information like a sponge, other times I can barely comprehend my own name.” The hardest part of having a mental illness is when I know and feel all my imbalances. My negative emotions are the tell-tale sign of childhood trauma. I love and have the sexual desires of someone myContinue reading “Day 46- Good Night”

Sorta Positive, Not Really LOL

  How does one describe growing up poor or in poverty and trying to get out? Trying to be better than their parents and surroundings but still only knowing that way of living? That way of coping? In my fucked up life I have already done better than my parents but still I am nothing. IContinue reading “Sorta Positive, Not Really LOL”