Im Okay

To all my readers I know I have not written in a while. I have been going through many changes. I took the leap to find a safe nice place that I can call home, and I did. I will take pictures later on. I just wanted my readers to know I am okay and… Continue reading Im Okay


Another Direction

Could I one day feel normal? Is there a chance that I can be happy and not have all the weight of anxiety on me? Can I shut my mind off from all the thoughts? Without wine? Will I finally be able to find what I am missing?  


Well, today was a pretty decent day. I may have drank a little too much last night as I slept in till 11 but honestly, I do not feel anything negative with it. I definitely relaxed. I had eggs for breakfast with coffee and than went and had lunch with an old friend of mine.… Continue reading Chiropractor

Being Normal

So today really sucked and there was no reason for it to. Work should have been very easy. I only had four shipments to do, so roughly three hours worth of work there and than paperwork for the rest. Easy, right? No! Because I have a bitch for a sidekick who has way too many… Continue reading Being Normal

Good Night

"Sometimes I can soak up information like a sponge, other times I can barely comprehend my own name." The hardest part of having a mental illness is when I know and feel all my imbalances. My negative emotions are the tell tale sign of childhood trauma. I love and have the sexual desires of someone… Continue reading Good Night

Its My Friday!

I woke up very off this morning and a tad bit emotional but physically feeling pretty well. I cannot wait till daylight savings time so its lighter earlier. I do get uneasy being out alone in the dark. I do not like the dark in general actually....but enjoy night time in some contradictory way. Normally… Continue reading Its My Friday!

Proud to be a Carrier

Note to self, never leave bacon in the work fridge for breakfast the next will not be there when you are ready for rude.  I woke up feeling okay but would have preferred NOT to come to work. It is rainy and gloomy, the perfect studying weather. I wanted to curl up with… Continue reading Proud to be a Carrier